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Wine at Cafe June


This is the cutest little place, love the relaxed feel coupled with the superb servce and great wine. Thank, will be seeing you again, everytime we are in Paarl-Alzaane and Yves.

Lunch at Cafe Juno

Michelle Rossouw

My husband and I were in Cape Town the weekend of May 21st. He wanted to introduce me to the Paarl where he once bought his first house. It was the perfect day, warm (hot for that time of the year) and it was close to lunch time. We were driving through Paarl on the main road and noticed the Cafe, people soaking up the sun outside on the terrace. The setting was perfect. My husband ordered a beer and I had a juice, after a couple of minutes enjoying the great venue we ordered lunch, my husband had the Club sandwich and I had the Chicken salad. The food was great and just enough for me; although my husband said it was enough to last him till the next day... :-) The shop is terrific and one day when our financial situation has improved I definitely come do some shopping. I love the paintings, they are almost alive! Thank you for making it a start to a great weekend. You will be seeing us again. Thank you and best regards, Michelle

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