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Lovely Bistro

Andre Hamel

Our family often eat at this restaurant, in fact we are going again tonight. Superb food at affordable prices. One of the gems in Stellenbosch!

Cosy, romantic, great food!!

Mr. L. Lourens

Really nice place! If you are looking for a cosy and relaxed restaurant in Stellenbosch with great Pastas and Curries and fresh Coffee! This place takes first prize!

Some of the best coffee, burgers and pasta in Town

Dian Wessels

I love coming here. The vibe is right with great Indie music and cosy decor. The service is good and the food is awesome. The Dukkah Chicken Pasta is fantastic as are all the burgers. I'm a regular and love hanging out here. The coffee is also great and really well priced.

Easy food for a relaxed lunch or dinner


May be because its around the corner from our office, or may be because the food is just good... we come here a lot! They have lovely dishes, not too complicated, but very tasty and affordable!

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