Dias Tavern

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Dining Offering


Dias Tavern never fails to impress as an all-round dining offering in terms of food, service and ambiance. Their prices are fair and the meals are very good. They certainly have a very well-oiled machine running their operation. We have been there several times (particularly before and after shows at the theatre), and we are always comfortable that our meal will come out in time and be scrumptious. The rustic decor and lovely attitude of the Dias team always make it such a pleasure to go back. One of our favorite spots in Cape Town.

The best in the West


You haven't had a decent meal and nice evening out if you haven't been at Dias. The staff are great and so are the owners and they let you feel very welcome. Dias is my place if we go out for a bite.

The VERY Best


I've been going to Dias for the best part of over 16 years now and I've never been disappointed. The vibe the food, the service is always exceptional. You have to try everything on the menu before you can make a call on what's your favourite. I've spent a few New Year celebrations at Dias and even celebrated my 50'th there. It's splendid and everyone should go there at least once. Go on live a little.

Dias Tavern


Every time we're in CT we visit the Dias at least once. Will be there next month for the first time in two years. Already salivating at the thought of their Trinchada.

Dias Tavern

Claire Hills

Dias tavern is the greatest restaurant EVER!
It is the one thing i really miss!
If you haven't tried it before, the Trinchado is absolutely OUT OF THIS WORLD! It will change your life!!!!!
Dias, with its incredibly fun and relaxed atmosphere and tastiest food ever has been home to many a fun night out! Go there!

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