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Pomodoro always a sure thing


I have eaten at Pomodoro many, many times. It is always trustworthy and I can be sure that whomever I take there, be it business or friends, I will not be embarrassed. The service, even when very busy, is attentive and the food is wholesome and delicious. The ONLY moan I have is that they took their fantastic stuffed calamari off the menu some time ago. I haven't got over it.

Amazing Italian...


Amazing pasta! One of the few restaurants that my fiance did not order anything extra with her meal, and she is very picky! Very nice relaxed vibe, especially for those Saturdays when you feel like getting together with good company and just enjoy the afternoon.

The best Italian Restaurant ever!

Penny Khumalo

When I first went to this restaurant I thought I was just going to have a slice of cake then leave, the waiter convinced me to have the three cause meal and boy I was so impressed, their food is to die for, the service is the best. If I could I'd eat there every day.

Pomodoro world!

Abigail Summer

I was so excited to have my first wine tasting since when? Well.. two months! This time we were guests at Pomodoro Restaurant. Pomodoro was once my favorite restaurant in Johannesburg, before they relocated to a more commercial hub. I was a bit nervous that their fantastic Italian cuisine had suffered from the move to Morningside. I was nervous about the idea that the romantic atmosphere, that I appreciated so much, got lost.

A fresh interior, Italian flavours and passionate management greeted us into the 'Pomodoro world'. The world I left behind, for whatever reason. A reason I could not remember...

See you soon in your restaurant, I'll come back for more.

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