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The best Sushi in Cape Town

Stephne Roux

Love my bi-weekly sushi take away from Sevruga. The best ever. Whilst waiting for my order, could do some cocktail testing! Great place. Highest of high score from me!



Great vibe great food and fantastic staff! What a lovely meal, I had a sushi platter and got to say the taste of the food was so incredible fresh and full of flavor! Sevruga is a must for anyone living or even visiting Cape Town!

Great Sevruga

L Crawley

Four of us went to Sevruga today. We visit different restaurants once a month. What an experience. We were doing the tasting menu and after ordering we settled down to have a chat. Starters came and were great. There was a bit of delay in the mains coming but we were not worried. Suddenly the Manager appeared, apologising about the waiting. Although it was no problem to us, a plate of Dim Sum snacks was brought (Great). With our main course a complimentary glass of wine and beers were offered with complimentary coffee afterwards. May I say that it is wonderful to visit a restaurant with such great service and food? The ranking is a maximum of 10 so I would rate it an 11 on all points.

Suberb wine


The staff are extremely attentive even when they are very busy which is often. They are also extremely good at recommending wine for your meal and are very knowledgeable about each wine.

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