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Stunning Food & Atmosphere


My First time visiting a Turkish restaurant and what a pleasant surprise. The food and vibe was outstanding, I would recommend A'LA TURKA to anyone looking for something different. Amazing time!


Frikkie, Rina, Larissa and Hein Breytenbach

We had a turkish experience when visiting Ala Turka. Service and food was great. Met the owner, very friendly person.

Experience Instanbul in Centurion


A'la Turka offers cuisine and an atmosphere, complimented with dancers and hubbly bubbly smoking aromas that take you right into Istanbul! The architecture and private dining room options at A'la Turka at the Yadah Castle in Centurion is unique and a must experience.

The Best Birthday Party

Annele Louw

We held my husband's birthday at Ala Turka on 9 August on a Saturday night. We were treated like kings and queens. All 67 people left happy with their excellence in what they deliver. Big thanks to whole team and the owners with their patience with the arrangement. It was the best of our lifetime experience.

It is better than eating in Istanbul


We regularly go to AlaTurka. After 12 great days holiday in Turkey, We couldn’t wait to go back to Ala Turka. Yesterday we went the with the entire family and had a great lunch with amazing Turkish food again. Their staff is the best in hospitality I must say. But now I know that the food comes from their home land, Turkey. Absolutely the most friendly and amazingly helpful, fun and honest people in the country. We love Alaturka thousand times more than before. J & M Vosloo



Great food, great ambiance, want to go back!

Feel like a Turkish Royal


On every occasion I ate at A'la Turka I (and my friends) were completely blown away. The dishes are truly unusual but on a really, really good way. If you want something different, you got to try this. Great, fresh food with a lot herbs and spices executed amazingly. A'la Turka is truly one of a kind.

awesome setup, best meat dishes, wow ambiance

Sharon Ramasser

To be honest, for two years I thought that was a curry and masala selling Indian place. My friends invited me -thanks to Kariki & Riaan- UNBELIEVABLE place. Drinks are cheaper than Dros prices. Main course prices same like a no star restaurant and they serve excellent 5 star food with very well trained waiters. Ala Turka became my most favourite place, 3 weeks 4 visits. Good job guys.

one word: the BEST


A'la Turka in Irene, is a spectacular restaurant, service was good, entertainment fantastic, and being from a Lebanese home, better cooking than my mom, don't let her hear me say that. The a'la Turka team left no detail untouched, I proposed to my girlfriend there on Friday evening, it was breathtaking, she said yes... Of course with the atmosphere, music and fabulous food, what more can you expect, it's a romantic beautiful venue. We’re thinking of having our wedding there too.

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