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Pukka Indian Cuisine


For genuine, authentic Indian cuisine this is the place to eat. We had the R99 special which was Naan Bread, Basmati Rice with chicken curry dish of your choice PLUS a glass of red/white wine. The service was good and the dishes made to the required order of hotness. The curries were tasty and made with fresh ingredients. We will definitely make a return visit.

Wonderful vegetarian food


My sister and I had an early dinner at Kushi, and were impressed with the vegetarian options on the menu. We had amazing food and enjoyed the lemon rice (can't remember exactly what it's called). I plan to go back this week.



I've eaten at Kushi several times, and find the food and atmosphere closest to the restaurants I've frequented in India. I'm vegetarian, so cannot attest to the meat dishes, but the vegetarian dishes are truly delicious - varied, delicately flavoured, well spiced, with excellent ingredients. The service is a bit peculiar - as in India - with little understanding of the ritual with which most South Africans approach dining out. It is amusing though, rather than irritating. Sudden changes to the menu have annoyed me a bit though, with the array of vegetarian side-dishes disappearing entirely from one day to the next - discouraging one from sampling a variety of dishes. The flaky Laccha Paratha is exceptional, as are the Dhal Makhni and a Paneer dumpling dish, in cardemon and cashew sauce which I can't seem to find on the menu - ask for it! The lemon and peanut rice is also an interesting and complementary side. I did discover one sadly disappointing dish - a Tandoor mushroom something or other - which at R60 for maybe 12 mushrooms rolling around on the plate was tragic! It was compensated for with the waiter offering an additional item off the menu. The truest measure is that I go back - regularly!

Amazing taste


First time in Cape town and had delicious food in Kushi Indian restaurant. Interior is soothing and great service with top quality food. Really had a nice time there.

Totally worth it


What a wonderful experience! Good quality, great food. Cosy yet, stylish atmosphere!

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