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Awesome place


Wow, that's such a amazing place with the most healthy food..hmmm. Just cant get enough of the cuisine!

Delicious vegetarian/vegan food


Our first visit to this restaurant yesterday evening. It was drizzling/raining so we were rather sure that we will get a seat anywhere in Jozi without pre-booking, a guess which proved to be correct. Straightaway we ordered Pizza yogi & Africano Napolitano. Pizza Yogi is a liberal mix of artichokes, spinach, avocado, olives, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, oregano and fresh basil and it was delicious. No cheese on this pizza which is a welcome change to the cheese-everywhere-pizzas we are used to elsewhere in Jozi. Pizza base is also very different (sourdough base as per menu) and we both loved it. African Napolitano (we ordered spaghetti) we got was very tasty as well. Waitress was pleasant mannered throughout and when asked for fresh juices, she rattled off some of the unusual combinations. My wife ordered apple Cucumber Ginger juice and she liked it. I am not a apple fan but I took a sip and found it to be palatable. I was happy with Americano coffee I had got earlier and did not order any juice. Menu looks a delight for vegetarians/vegans, yay, so many options with wraps/mains/pasta along with salads/side dishes. All food was fresh, waitresses were smiling and manager/owner(we guessed he was owner, not too sure) said smiley hi to us warmly on his way out. We will be back soon, that is for sure.



The best healthy/vegetarian/vegan restaurant I've been to.

Raw food place finally in Jozi!


I was thrilled by food, atmosphere and environment at Greenside cafe! Telling all my friends about it.

Since I am raw foodist and on a lookout for places where I can eat out I was happy to be introduces to the very first raw food restaurant in Southern Africa by friends from Jozi.

@Dimitri: keep it up! We will keep on coming!

My favourite: lemon tart, cacao/maca smoothie, young Thai coconut drink straight from the fresh coconut.

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