Salty Sea Dog Restaurant

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Better than the Brits


What a gem, I could not ask for more...fried fish & squid & a cold beer. I think that's pretty self explanatory.

The food cannot be faulted, the service is friendly and the view is breathtaking. A real honest, what you see is what you get restaurant.

Anchovies and best bitter!

Sam van den Berg

Where else in Cape Town can one combine an affordable meal of chips and hake or a healthy and delicious anchovy-laden Portuguese salad with real English best bitter?

Best Hake & Chips in Simon's Town

Luzanne Steynberg

At first I thought, as I was approaching The Salty Sea Dog, that I wouldn't enjoy my meal...WOW! Was I wrong!

Served Hake & Chips at a very good price, and with excellent service by all staff members. I still haven't found any other place that could satisfied my Hake & Chips craving.

If you are ever in Simon's Town, or just want to have the best Hake & Chips in the world. The Salty Sea Dog is the place to go!

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