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Sublime food - Wonderful staff

James Rautenbach

We dined at Seaforth on advice from our landlord on the very first evening of our December holiday. The food was so divine and the menu selection so wide that we decided on the spot to visit the restaurant again before the end of our stay. And again we were pleasantly surprised by the delicious food and good value for money. I left my cell phone in the restaurant by accident on the night before a very early departure back to Polokwane in Limpopo Province. Our honest waiter, Lulu, gave the phone to one of the managers, Craig, who sacrificed his precious time to courier the phone to my home, more than 1700 km away.



After 5 months in Simon's Town we have visited nearly all the good restaurant from Constantia to Black Marlin and this is just stunning with Penguins. Great service! Lovely wine (best in Simon's Town) a must with awesome sunsets!

Eating out at the Seaforth


Plenty of staff on hand, presumably in the kitchen as well as the ordered food is presented at the table at exactly the right time. Not too soon and not too late-gives one time to enjoy your pre-meal drink.

Website menu great for one to browse before arriving.

Great eating flexibility by keeping open right through the day. 100 times better than nearly all the other restaurants that close in-between lunch and dinner.

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