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All time favourite.

Theo Spickett

This is my all time favourite eating experience. I have had lunch at Overture three times now, and every time turns out to the be better than the previous. Notwithstanding your standing in life, I would be surprised if there were to be connoisseurs that would find this one dull, boring or unworthy.

Exciting and creative is a perfect description for the menu. I would not call it a la carte, so do enquire as to the menu for the day. Book in advance, as I did struggle to get a booking the first time. Not for the faint-hearted Macdonalds die-hard cost conscious, but I have never felt like I did not get my money's worth (and then some).

I think they have it all: the location, architecture, concept, ambieance, food, service and value. I struggle to find anything to mark them down on. Maybe the fact that they waitress got our bill wrong the first time we ate there, but then we had such an unusual order that I was not not all too surprised (that, and we benefited from the mistake).

The Hidden Valley wines that are positioned with the spread as also a personal favourite. I would like to think that it is one of those under-rated gems that should remain as secret as possible for as long as possible so that ordinary people like myself can continue to order it by the box-full.

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