Ocean Basket (Tyger Valley)

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Delicious fish in revamped eatery

Melanie van der Meulen

For a birthday treat my stepdaughter, her father and I had lunch at the newly re-opened Ocean Basket in Tygervalley.

Service was a little slow, but it was lunchtime peak during school holidays and the waiter made up for it by being very handsome [!].

I had the Prawn & Fish dish with half-portion chips and half-portion rice [R63]. The prawns were sublime and had a wonderful Cajun-type seasoning on them which was not too overpowering, and the hake was succulently basted. The chips were a little overdone but still good. The rice was a bit of a disappointment, the grains were a little hard and there was not enough seasoning to qualify it as a 'savoury' rice.

Overall a good experience! Thank you.

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