Roma Revolving Restaurant

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Lasting impression


The view was breathe taking, the food was expertly prepared and the atmosphere is great too. I was thoroughly impressed.

A true Gem in the heart of the city


I just love this restaurant and being served by the owner...what a pleasure. He even made a special plan for the flambé steak so that my 9 year old daughter could have some, cutting her a small piece...just like the old days. Very similar hospitality as Frank Sinatra's favourite haunt Patsy's in New York City. The views to die for and its always a special night at Roma's.

Never Fails to Deliver

Lester & Sue Naidoo

My family and I have visited the Roma for numerous special functions, the most recent being our 8th wedding anniversary, last night. Roma is truly magnificent and never fails to deliver the quality and memories that we have come to expect and enjoy. My sons aged 7 & 5, always rave about their visits to Roma to family and friends.
I truly cannot expect to find another venue in Durban that has the charm, character and ambiance that only Roma can promise. Well done Roma team, keep it up and the memories coming.

Don't look futher

Carel Richter

The Roma revolving restaurant blew us away! From the booking to the saying goodbye, this restaurant is definitely a client focus establishment with food to match! Well done!

Best Food


Roma offers you tantalizing food and with great company, it makes the perfect dining experience.

Still the best in Durban


We frequent Roma Revolving Restaurant quite often and after trying numerous other restaurants in and around KZN, we can confidently say that Roma has and always will be our favourite. From the moment you walk in, the service is fantastic, ambience is is delicious....what more could one ask for.

Thanks to Gino and Tony for always being such excellent hosts.


HDB - Cape Town

Some places thankfully never change! Roma for dinner still as good-an-experience as ever. The 360 views and exceptionally attentive (if somewhat theatrical) staff make up for reasonably pricey but adequately cooked food. Ambiance is comfortably dated, providing a well-rounded experience for all. It's a must-visit when in Durban. Note to senior Italian waiting staff - there's really no need to talk to junior staff in a derogatory doesn't impress anyone and mars what could be a perfect night out!


Nokubonga Doyisa

I was at Roma Revolving yesterday (26/01/2011) on my partners birthday. It was such a wonderful and a plasant evening. The whole team was exceptionally profesionally and freindly. Special thankx to Gordon for the royal treatment he gave us.

Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!


Lorna Becht

The Roma is my favorite! Its constantly good. The first things my sons do when they come over from Germany is to take me out to diner at the Roma and before they leave its the same procedure. They are of course more adventurous than me and try the crocodile etc and love it. Keep it up!

Roma Revolving Restuarant


We were take there for our wedding anniversary and it was an unforgettable evening. My friends have never been ther and they say that they could not have asked for a better evening.

Great food and service

Debbie George

I have been to Roma on a number of occasions and each time is better than the last. Great atmosphere and service.
Also good value for money.

An Awesome Dining experience

Joslen Naicker

An excellent combination of great food as well as first class service.

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