Thava Indian Restaurant (Norwood)

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Excellent food and service


Good food and good service

Best Indian Food Ever


Great parking, great service and best of all the food is really special. Best prawn curry!

The best Indian restaurant


The best Indian restaurant I have ever eaten in. It was just amazing. You don't need to look on the menu to choose your dish as the staff are all experienced. Best of luck!

The only Indian restaurant really worth it


Been to Thava over 10 times already and it is so refreshing to finally find an Indian restaurant whose curries all actually taste different, whose Masala Dosas make you feel like you are in India and whose Bombay crush is as authentic as you can get. Well done!



Second time to Thava and wow! The food was fantastic service was great definately be back.

A taste of India


Was there recently for dinner. What an experience the food was awesome. If you into all the Indian food and want to dabble in everything this is the place. The portions were big, the waiters so friendly, the total environment was majestic, you loose your self in the ambient atmosphere. When I think Indian food I think Thavo. I think naan bread I think Thavo. Superb restaurant.

I love this place and I am addicted


I have visited Thava more than 10 times and each time Viven gives me entirely different dishes which is the most enjoyable. Master blaster is stunning. Wish you good luck to Thava.

The Absolute Best in Town


I have frequented many Indian Restaurants and Thava is by far the best I have ever been to. The food is excellent, portion size is great and the section is amazing. I love the atmosphere too and would recommend this restaurant to everyone. Even if you don’t like Indian food, you’ll love it after a visit to Thava. When I think Indian food, I think Thava.

Excellent dining experience!

Those who have not eaten their authentic Indian foods then you have a golden chance to try it. Fantastic food, service and friendly atmosphere with excellent Manager and waiters that transport you to India. Excellent dining experience! Thank you Thava and Viven.

Best Indian Restarant in Joburg


Thava is literally the best Indian restaurant i have been to in Johannesburg,. The ambiance is warm and inviting without feeling to formal, the vibe is a perfect bustle of elegance and positive energy and the food is amazing. Service is always good and staff super friendly, best idea is to order different tapas sizes and share amongst the table. All and all a great experience.

mmm the best Indian Restaurant!!


One of the best Indian restaurants In Joburg with excellent food and service. Bivin is superb. Well trained staff. Keep it up!



The food was excellent. The service was a bit slow, but very pleasant.

The portions are a very decent size so we could share and have some to take home.

Definitely will be back.

Best Indian restaurant in Joburg


Most heavenly Southern Indian (and other) cuisine I've tasted in years. The warmth and inviting aromas invite you in. Lovely ambience, excellent service and meal to die for. Vegetarians and omnivores alike will be delighted. Food and wine prices are great. I can't wait to go back.



As someone who LOVES to cook and eat Indian food it was fabulous to get a slightly different take on some old favourites and to hear that many of the recipes are from the kitchen of the owner’s mother in Kerela.

The waiters were knowledgeable and assisted with the order so that there was a balance of dry and wet dishes as well as a balance of spices.

The novel take on starters also allows one to taste a far greater variety of things than would be normal.

From beginning to end it was an experience to be repeated.

whaoooooo i dint eat food like this ... awsome tasty

Ravi Shankar

I have tried other Indian restaurant which is in South Africa but none of them compares to Thava. I will give 100 marks to Thava. The customer service, food, ambiance, everything is perfect...

Thava Indian


Lovely authentic food, wide variety of interesting choices on the menu and good service as well. Not the 'same old same old'.

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