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place for be


Nice place with friendly staff



Went there for the first time 2 weeks ago. Atmosphere was chilled yet buzzing. Great live band, made me dance for hours. & RIBS are amazing! not too oily, basting was deeeeelishious! Will definitely be back very soon.



I have been a frequent visitor over the last few months and find the atmosphere warm and friendly. Management are approachable and care is taken to ensure customers have a great experience.

In winter, it's one of the few places you find a fire burning and offer both a mix for casual pub interaction, or a dining experience seperated by a wall. The pub is festive and can be lively depending on the evening you select. It's not a sports pub, however they try to accommodate those that request a specific rugby game, football game, or F1 race with a subtle sound, perhaps you will only have a relaxed house, lounge music playing in the background.

Live music is regular and worth checking with Managment when and who is playing. A good selection of muso's with unique voices.

Friday's get rocking from early after work (or just before 5) and usually goes to early hours with a DJ taking over from the live band around 8pm.

The croud is a good mix and representation of SA and is representative.

Will be back again... and again.

Oh, and if you confused about what to has asked what do you like and made bespoke dishes to suit my taste...above and beyond expectations.



Amazing Vibe. Awesome cocktails. Wonderful place to just take it easy with some friends, the food is also great. Highly Recommended.

I think its a great jol.


I love the vibe the people and the owners are quite hip and cool.

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