La Cucina di Ciro

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A memorable dinner

Thandi Warden

For personal reasons of a celebratory nature, a girlfriend and myself had dinner at Ciro' as the first heavy rains fell in Jozi. The food was exceptional, the vegetarian burger, gluten free (of course) tasty and delicious. My dining companion raved about the duck and sauce. Service was personable and we felt like royalty. If a little on the pricey side as someone had commented, it is certainly worth every lira. Thanks for a very memorable evening Ciro and team and dearest Abe in the kitchen.

Mmmm not sure.


I ate there once some time ago. We were a large table of 10 and I must say that we all felt that the excessive price did not match the food. The service was attentive but a bit higglty pigglety. We all require value for money and that is for the food, wine and service. Johannesburg is a very large city and there are lots of really good restaurants around . We Johannesburgers are discerning and well, I only ate there once.

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