BICCCS (Waterkloof Heights)

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WOW...What an Experience

natasha smith

The atmosphere and vibe was fantastic, one of the best I've been to. The Pistachio milkshake was awesome and so was my sandwich…just like my NONNA would make it! I love the decor and setup of place something unique and different!



When I moved to SA, I was so sad that I could not find really great pizza, like I had in the US. Then a friend took me to BICCCS. They have the most amazing pizza and the ice cream is just as good. I will be going back as often as I can!


Joe Evenwel

The most amazing Italian cafe in Pretoria, and the only shop I can refer to as good culture. All over the world in city's like Melbourne, or Chicago, you find variety of cafe's and bar's and even restaurants, that we cannot compare with. BICCCS has the potential to be in one of those city's and it is an absolute shame that we as South Africans cannot experience the BICCCS experience around every corner like other people do in the bigger, first world city's.

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