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Great food!


My partner and I visited Spur in Canal Walk not too long ago, and we were pleasantly suprised by the new changes to the menu. It was so refreshing to see new additions, especially the Chilli Poppers and some new burgers being added to the menu! Well done for always giving us a great meal!

Thank you for your excellent service Anthony!

Marlene Tucker

Last week We went for a family dinner at Mexico Spur in Century City. We had such an amazing time and also the food was so great! Anthony was absolutely great! We never once had to look for him to receive service. We love Mexico Spur and Thank you Anthony for such a great service with a smile!

Excellent service and food


We were a group of 10 people that went there for supper. The service was excellent ...went the extra mile. Two of the group was Muslims and the manager allowed them to buy food at another restaurant, but sit together with us while eating their Halaal-meals. We all received our food more or less at the same time.

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