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The Best Ever


I fell in love with Cocoa Cha Chi the very first time I was there. The waiters are extremely nice and friendly, which adds to the already great ambience. It's the perfect place to bring schoolwork or sit down with some friends and steaming latte. The food is excellent as well! I'd, of course, recommend Cocoa Cha Chi to anyone who comes to the area!

Awesome food!


My boyfriend and I go at least once a week and the crush's are our favourite, as well as the chocolate cookies. We love the food, the drinks, the atmosphere, definitely worth our while!

Nice food, nice vie


Food is good, some of the best pizza in Obs. Breakfast items are great as well. Sandwiches and desserts are also up there.

Consistently Good!


I go to Cocoa Cha Chi almost every Friday and they are consistently good. The food might not be French Cuisine but the Tramezzini's amongst several other options are better than anywhere else I know of and portions are generally very generous for a good price. Hot & Cold drinks and deserts are equally great - if you can finish a slice of their carrot cake by yourself then you'll have achieved something. Visit them if you're looking for a relaxed atmosphere with good food and service every time.

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