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Laurie McCulloch

I took a group of friends for tea, to celebrate my birthday. In spite of not being told it was a celebration, the table was beautifully decorated together with a bowl of flowers. My friends shared choices of cake and scones, and it was no trouble for the kitchen to halve the portions and serve them professionally.

My only complaint is that the coffees were luke warm, and cooled down quickly.

I would definitely go back again.

Excellent service

Kathy Keay

I live in Cape Town and most of my family and friends live in Johannesburg. On the 27th April I turned 60. I wanted to celebrate so I decided to book at the Silver Birch. I phoned a few weeks before the 27th and spoke to Sarah. I asked her if I could book a few tables for the day, as I wanted to stay at the restaurant for the day, with family and friends popping in. I could not have booked at a more perfect place. The service and food was absolutely fantastic. The day was perfect. The waiters were top class and they kept all the tabs on all the comings and going. Thank you Sarah and your staff for a very memorable time. Well done.

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