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Delightful Boerekos in the Southern Suburbs!?

Abrie Joubert

Coming from Bellville we were driving the 2 oceans route in order for my wife to mentally prepare her for her first ultra marathon. We planned to eat at the Brass Bell, but having already been held up for 40 minutes due to the stop-go roadworks section, we decided to rather get the roadworks behind us.

We ended up at Espresso and was pleasantly surprised by the ambiance of the place and especially by the excellent pricing for their tasty food. A meal with 3 ample portions of meats, fried potatoes ans accompanying veggies for R40! I jestingly remarked to the chef, Bernadette that we came from the Northern suburbs to come and eat boerekos in the Southern suburbs.

From the well stocked reading material section I read 3 pages of a book which touched me in such a way that I now own the e-book version (not wanting to wait for the hard copy version to be ordered).

Thanks Bernadette and everybody at Espresso, it was memorable (and that includes the sentiments of Susan and my 2 primary school daughters).

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