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I reserved a table at Bientangs Cave via e mail 2 weeks ago and confirmed earlier last week for my booking which was on last Friday.
We took time from work - traveled from Cape Town and booked accommodation nearby with the sole purpose of our journey being to eat at what looked (and is) a beautiful spot on the beach front.
We arrived 10 mins before the agreed time to be confronted by 6 staff in uniforms but when we approached the reservations desk we were told that the restaurant was not open.
The guy on the desk was doing his best and told us that we had been sent a mail (we hadn't) and any thoughts that I may have missed said e mail were dismissed when a group of 6 who booked their table 3 months ago arrived just behind us to be told the same BS (they had not received a mail either) - A quick look back through the reviews for this farce of a business would indicate that many others have endured the same experience.
I asked to speak to the owner to be told that he wasn't there (surprise surprise - probably hiding around the corner) and have left an answerphone message (they never answer the phone) and an e mail which i still have not had a reply to.

Fish, Fish... glorious Fish!


Went to another restaurant in Hermanus last night, ate their Blue Nose and was bitterly dissappointed...then tried it at Bientang's Cave today... WOW! Creamy texture, rich, delectable sauce, juicy... restored faith in Blue Nose!
Staff friendly and efficient with management on hand at all times to assist!
Very pleasant experience all round!

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