Mon Petit Throbb (Throbbing Strawberry)

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5.0 / 5.0 (9)

9 reviews


Gerhard & Priscilla Pieters

Great breakfast and amazing service!

Brilliant venue


Brilliant music, excellent service....will definitely go back and recommend it to our friends.

Lovely Food

Loren Hollingworth

Every dining experience there is great

Nice Place


Bustling ambiance, Excellent food, friendly service.



I love everything about this place 100%.

Great Time Out

Elizabeth Howard

Had my folks over from Europe - don't know if you remember us... but the little old french lady ;) with the big hat hehehe. Anyways, we had such a great time - my mom was like it reminded her of Nice in spring! Thanks for the effort, and the food is amazing!!! SMILES ALL AROUND



Really enjoyed the ambiance.Food was great!!! Lovely little bistro! I'm coming back this week...

GOSH! An excellent place for your first week!


Vanessa, we were blown away - and it was in your first week! Really? I'm now going to be part of the furniture...

Excellent venue! And the food... wow


I really enjoyed my time at Mon Petit Throbb! I'll rave about you guys to all my friends! And now I hear you have another restaurant in Douglasdale! Wow… I’m sold!! GRANT I'm officially a THROBBA.

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