Moyo (Kirstenbosch)

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my experience

Elizabeth perez

The restaurant setting is beautiful! The food magnificent! And our server not only beautiful and magnificent..but gracious!!

Breakfast with a smile


My sisters and I enjoyed the buffet breakfast. The selection available was indeed very well received. Chef Neil was very pleasant and accomodating and made us feel right at home. The waiters were efficient and friendly. I would highly recommend a breakfast at Moyo Kirstenbosch,will definately be back. We laughed so much at Neils back and forth banter,we met the chef who made the yummiest scones and brighest smile.

What an experience

Wilfred Williams

I attended Moyo today with 36 other persons 29 work colleagues and 7 members from a company who sponsored our three course meals. What an experience, the food Delicious, the ambience fantastic and generally just superb. I would like to visit Moyo with my family soon.

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