The Secret Garden (Benoni)

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4.5 / 5.0 (3)

3 reviews

Friendly staff, nice and peaceful


We like to go there and have a meal in a nice garden surrounded by peace.

Vegan and Vegetarian Delight


This has always been a lovely breakfast spot. Arranged to meet a friend for breakfast on 03/05/2014 and was pleasantly surprised with the updated decor and menu overhaul. Vegan and vegetarian options in multitudes - I will definitely frequent Secret Garden more often in future. What a delight.

The location, food, ambiance and service were good. The menu offers great value at very reasonable prices.

Best of the best


We had breakfast at the secret garden on 13/01/2013 and it was very good. The food was brought to us on time, the waiter was friendly and knew when to come to the table. The secret garden is like my back garden and a fancy restaurant all in one. It is the perfect place for a nice meal and family days. Thank you for a wonderful time.

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