Den Anker Restaurant and Bar

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A little Disappointing but I would go again


The ambiance was amazing and the service was great, but alas I selected the wrong dish. I had the prawns which were semi cooked. Everyone else' s dishes were wonderful. The beef fillet - medium rare, grilled to perfection and the muscles were wonderful!

I would go again - just don't order the prawns.



On Saturday, my fiance and I visited the Restaurant to celebrate his birthday. The weather was great, the atmosphere was brilliant. It was our second visit and we were seated at the exact same table...definitely a good omen. He had the Rabbit and I had the Duck. It was so delicious.

Pretty good


The mussels are pretty nice, had 1 kg, a little bit much for me, and service is good as well, recommend this to all the tourists.



The mussels are TO DIE FOR!! seriously, A1 Chef!

Stunning View


A really nice restaurant to just soak up the atmosphere and sunshine over a Belgian beer or two - with very nice seafood.

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