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5.0 / 5.0 (3)

3 reviews

Really tasty


Light lunch toasted paninis were excellent!

Very Classic and Hip


Enjoyed my dining experience. Food, atmosphere and service was good. Just proud that it is Halaal.

Amazing class of dining

Aneeqah Habib

I am overjoyed with the service and quality of food offered at deKapo. Every person at my table had a different meal, each with a dash of splendid class and style, we left with big smiles and happy filled stomachs. It is well priced and the service is snappy, with jokes too. And what a great sight it is to see the chefs working swiftly on your order, right from your table. This is definitely a restuarant I will be visiting often, and sharing with more family and friends. Thank you for a superb evening.

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