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Rock on Marias!


I used to be a regular at Marias in the 90s when I lived in Cape Town so was delighted to see the restaurant open again on a rare holiday back to SA. I think it reflects the times better - healthier options/style of cooking but still scrummy - the atmosphere really captures the Mediterranean feeling and the service is amazing! I have never felt so genuinely welcomed as I was by the owners Kate and Cleon, who are as soulful as the place itself and put a lot of care and attention into everything they do. You know when you meet people, even briefly but you remember them for the light that comes out of them. I wish I could take Marias back to Europe with me! And I wish all restaurant owners would take a leaf out of Kate and Cleon's book!

So happy we found you!


I love everything about this restaurant, from the decor to the quaintness of the ambiance. The food it incredible, the calamari and hake are highly recommended, Saganaki as well. This for us has been a very special find.

Glad you're back!


Having noticed that Maria's had recently re-opend having waited more than 2 years for approval from council because it is a heritage building, we popped in last night. The weather was ideal and all the tables were dotted outside under the trees. We started with some meze and knew we had made the right choice. We tried the Greek lamb and Hake in a thin batter and swapped half way. Both dishes were delicious! We will be back!

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