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Always good


I love the space and find the food consistently good. Pizzas are my fav! My best time to visit is at night as the lighting feels just right. One of the nicer spots on PE's beachfront.

Horrendous experience


cannot lament the poor quality service enough.

No one was at the front of the restaurant so I sat myself down at the bar and ordered a glass of wine.

After about 10minutes I stop the nearest waiter asking him to reserve a table as soon as one becomes available - I am soon pointed(by the manager) in the direction of a table near the entrance.

After well over 20 minutes waiting on a menu I am forced to approach the manager myself who seemed overly concerned polishing cutlery instead of serving hungry, paying customers.

Training is poor - non-existent? - and the manager just milling about doing absolutely nothing except maybe polishing spoons(?)

I felt extremely humiliated by the whole experience of having to run back and forth to get service, and then waiting and waiting.

20 minutes to get a waiter plus a further 20 minutes for a menu that was stored under a POS desk within reaching distance of my table.

I tried to explain my unpleasant experience to the manager but he wasn't having any of it, instead of showing some accountability he leaps into defence mode blaming his waiters - everyone and circumstance except himself (insert: arrogant, unprofessional and oblivious) He offered my wine on the house - I did not accept.

I decided to avoid an unpleasant altercation and proceeded to leave upon settling my bill.

*I am a frequent business traveller so this is the consecutive night I returned after receiving friendly service from the female manager and waitress the night before. I will not be returning.

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