The Bean & Olive Cafe (Port Alfred)

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Decadence Amplified


The Bean + Olive Cafe in Port Alfred serves decadent food to satisfy all pallet's. The friendly service and personal welcome is unique to their style. The plating and portion serving is impeccable and the fact that their is a variation of choices regarding ones preferences is well illustrated and presented. The coffee is perfectly brewed.I strongly recommend that you stop in on your travels and experience this exquisite cuisine for yourself.

Awesome Benedict


Always a pleasure to eat here! Jo and all her staff are always friendly and happy to see you. The Eggs Benedict are absolutely delicious and so well priced! If you like chocolate brownies then the bean and olive is where you need to go!

Awesome Bran Muffins

Muffin Man

The Bran & Pecan Muffins are AWESOME, in fact these are the best I have had by a country mile.

Still lousy.

Elize Marais

We used to eat at this eatery once a week until the poor service and cold eggs served on cold plates got to us. Today we went again believing that the restaurant had changed hands only to find that the same poor service and cold food served on cold plates was still in evidence. The box with the condiments and cutlery arrived minus pepper. The box was loaded by gripping the tines of the forks and the blades of the knives. I don't know where the waitron's hands were before this. The tea and coffee arrived minus teaspoons and the milk arrived long after the tea. The waitron informed us that she was having a bad day. Not our problem The plates were cold and the breakfast was also cold as a result. Shame on you for expecting diners to put up with this. The waitron offered to take the scrambled eggs back to the kitchen to warm them up. In a microwave I should image. If I could give a minus rating I would do so.

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