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Butter Sauce Problem


SUNDAY 25 June 2017 - 7pm .....

Not impressed! We waited VERY LONG and were the only customers tonight.

We asked for NO BUTTER SAUCE on my sons combo for one!!!!! What does that mean??? To me - exactly what I asked for - NOOOOOO BUTTER SAUCE. We repeated it 2x!!!!
If i ask - Then I want you to respect it ..... My son is lactose intolerant!!! - you brought his meal with butter sauce.
After we complaint. No ..... After we asked you nicely - our waitress stressed we DID NOT specify the mussels must not have a butter sauce!!! - REALLY.?.?.? I see your actions and rude comment as arrogant I am not sure who of us are in the wrong - WE STRESSED nooooooo butter sauce. Then u took out the mussels - didn't replace them (without sauce) yet I paid for them!!!! You took the chips & fried them again!!! My son kept saying the chips tastes weird!! Now my son is sufferring ..... He is ill due to those chips that had butter on and you just simply fried them again to hide your mistake.

I will think more than 2x before I will support you again. The last time we ordered Bassa & got hake. Obviously you are totally imcompetant.

By the way - you could see we were NOT impressed BUT ..... I paid you your full 10% tip. Thank you for a crappy meal!

Please can you pass this on to the owners and to HO. I would like someone to call me.

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