Carnivore Restaurant

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Good good

Faniswa Nduvana

Wow this place is to die for
Really enjoyed being here
Variety of meat, wow the Zebra is delicious
I am definitely coming back here
Thw entertainment with the drums ans friendly waiters
What more can I ask for in this beautiful place keep up the good work

Excellent Food and Entertainment

Mike Leskau

The Food is excellent and plenty. Friendly waiters are around fulfilling all your desires. Wonderful entertainment with Drums and the African aura in the air. It was an amazing experience.


Henriette Kotze

Surely the best traditional restaurant known with dishes such as pap with sheba sauce and morogo. The variety of venison, crocodile and other meats are prepared to perfection. The way in which these meat dishes are served is exciting, directly from the fires on spear like utensils, sizzling hot and you can choose where your serving must be cut from. The variety of sauces compliment the different meats. The starter of soup and honey bread is delicious and the entree served with side dishes such as pap with shebo sauce is unique. The bustling ambiance of friendly, professional waiters walking around with sizzling lumps of meat is an experience not to be missed. Although the restaurant accommodate vegetarians as well as piscavores, this is probably not the best option for them as the name indicates. The restaurant caters for kids with a kids menu and playground and is exceptionally geared for disabled guests. An eating experience is a must on almost anyone's bucket list.



The food was amazing, the service was excellent as well as the mood within the restaurant. I would definitely make a return soon and would recommend it.

Best Food Ever

nomalanga nonyana

I enjoyed my dinner as well as the professionalism of the waiter and waitresses.

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