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Will like to congratulate Mapule and Riaan on their courtesy and service they gave us and the chef of cause. The food was delicious and my family really enjoyed it.

Lovely Day!


We used to come only for the scenery, when we had international guests, but Leopard Lodge have changed the way they prepare many of their dishes and the result is commendable! Their a-la-carte take on the Chicken Pie was especially interesting. Massive improvement, very tasty.

The view is excellent, the ambience first class, and our large group with hordes of kids has a wonderful day.

My only comment is regarding the service. We were not greeted when we arrived, when the manager came out she gave us the impression that we were bothering her and she was far to busy to help us. The maitre'd was slouching with his hands in his pockets and staring at the ceiling while we were trying to order drinks. Our waitress was keen, but not well trained.

We will definitely be back more regularly.

Buffet Lunch


We thoroughly enjoyed the buffet lunch, there was a lovely selection of food - very tasty. Plus, a fabulous view from the restaurant!

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