Saigon (Cape Town)

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Good as you feel.
So, I love it.
Thanks all.


Farieda Kafaar

I love the venue as well as the amazing staff and food!

The best food in Cape Town


Food is always delicious! It is the only Restaurant in Cape Town that I go to over and over for the last 10 years! Congratulations to the Chef.

Love and lemongrass


I've been there many times and it's absolutely perfect for setting a romantic tone. The lighting is soft, the food is divine and the massage while I waited for my meal, priceless.

Also, try their cocktails. The Strawberry, black pepper and basil cocktail is my favourite.

The masters of duck


The best roast duck I have ever eaten in South Africa- not cheap but worth every cent. Lovely modern, buzzy restaurant.

A parragon of virtue


I wanted to make it known that I think this is the best all-round restaurant in this city. I have never been to a more consistent restaurant in my life. I have eaten at local, international, budget and very good restaurants and Saigon continues to be a favourite purely because the food is ALWAYS good, the service is ALWAYS good and the location is perfect. The d├ęcor is Asian without being 'theme-y' and its a great place for any occasion. There is no pretence involved in the service or presentation. Its just good. Its very much in the trendy Kloof Street area but it doesn't have the feel of a 'poser' spot. They get the balance JUST right! You are guaranteed a good experience.

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