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Had the most amazing meal. Starters were done to perfection, main meals were amazing, ambiance was amazing. Will definately go back there. Love it.



Although I?m of Indian descent-I've always enjoyed Greek food. Whilst driving past one night we just managed to spot this quaint little place in Windermere Road. I engraved this name in my memory and made sure that I visit this place with absolutely no regrets. The food is very tasty and the prices good-I thoroughly enjoyed the custard slice; lamb shank; lamb chops; deep fried brinjal; chicken livers and mezze platter-I even bought the custard slices as take aways. The only problem is that because it's a small place-it's always fully booked so you have to book well in advance....Well all I can say is that it?s well worth the wait. Maria cooked for and brought the food to us so we were quite pleased at that personal touch. The waitresses are absolutely sweet and helpful. The waitress suggested the chips and I'm so glad we had it-it really was so tasty. Been there twice already and will definitely go again.

Dean and Bianca


We were invited to share a birthday lunch with a friend there. I had no idea what to expect and when we arrived we realised that it was the Greek restaurant we had been wanting to go to since our trip to Greece last year.

I can't believe we waited so long. What an amazing afternoon filled with the most delicious food, wine, music, fun and laughter.

I cannot wait to go back again.

First Timers

Mark and Annett

We were lucky enough to be invited to Delfi by some Durban family. We arrived not knowing what to expect. A true gem - family run Greek Restaurant in the heart of Morning side. A tale of two sisters and perhaps there was a third one somewhere behind the scenes. Intimate, down to earth but seriously delicious salt of the earth fare.

We started off with the Meze - a selection the house specialities of dolmades, feta, salads, olives, prawns and calamari. For the main, we ordered a delicious sea food platter of the line fish of the day which happened to be red roman, prawns, mussels and calamari.

We were very well looked after, rounding off with desserts of baklava and another equally delicious dish I unfortunately cannot remember!

The wine list was adequate and the two bottles of Hartenberg Chardonnay went down very well for our table of 4!

Highly recommended - fabulous in it homely simplicity and rare authenticity!

Our Special Place

Joe and Rose Parker-Weekes

Our special place to eat out and have been going for years. Lovely vibe and super hosts - Maria and Dodi. Our favourite meal is Moussaka of course followed closely by the Grilled Sardines and the Calamari. They are just the best. Don't forget to try the Baklava.



I had the prawns on 2 occasions and the veg starter platter. On both occasions, the food was nothing less than AMAZING! The meals are all freshly prepared and the marinade and flavour was definitely authentic Greek as it was none like anything I have ever tasted before. From their fresh salads to their grilled prawns, the taste is out of this world! The dining experience was as if you were really dining in Greece. Highly recommended for seafood, poultry and lamb dishes!

Delfi is excellent

kimera reddy

Great tasting food that will have you coming back for more.

A delicious Durban secret


Don't tell everyone! Let's keep this amazing little restaurant a secret Durbanite delight. The friendly, efficient service, the beautiful atmosphere, the food which made you wish the meal would never end. I enjoyed our evening so much. Good company and wonderful food made me feel totally content.

Great food


Had a friend’s Birthday Dinner at Delfi on Saturday, and I must say the food was Divine; it’s a small restaurant that makes you feel at home which is a thumbs up. And the service was excellent. Only thing that was a bit different but yet unique was that you had to walk through the kitchen to get to the bathroom. But overall I really enjoyed it and will definitely go again.

Delfi Greek Restaraunt is great!


I like to Google places I go too and this place has no information except a street address. It does not even have a website, go figure. Many though have told me of it and well here is what we did last night.

I am not a big fan of mass produced chain restaurants that just churn out food. I also do not always like to go to the 'Now ' place that every trendite is trying to get into. Sometimes it’s good to go to the places you pass alongside the road, or to the places people tell you of and you never really get to try. We went to this place last night, often passing by and wondering what it was like inside.

Wow. What good food. From outside it does not seem like much but inside it is warm and cosy and pale blue with low lighting. Paintings, (not just photos) of Greek street scenes are on the walls. Now I love Mediterranean food. Greek, Italian, Moroccan, Spanish and even a little Turkish. So we ventured out to this place and were greatly surprised.

We shared mezze platters of Dolmades, Phyllo cheese triangles, aubergine and feta wraps, tasty olives, the nicest tomato wedges. Needless to say these disappeared so fast.

Friends had Mousaka and Prawn kebabs, My wife had lamb chops which said were the best and I had the special of Pistachio. This was exceptional, pasta was tasty not just pasta. i am sure that they flavour it while cooking it. Subtle herb flavours came through and to say the least it was the nicest I have had in a long time.

Coffee and to keep with the scene, Uzo capped the evening. Thanks to the staff at Delfi we had an amazing evening. We will definitely be returning.

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