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Amazing tour at the Klipdrift Distillery

While in the Robertson Wine Valley a stop at the well-known Klipdrift Distillery is an absolute must.

Amazing tour at the Klipdrift Distillery


On arrival we were welcomed with a delicious glass of Klipdrift NGQO - an intriguing gold liquid with a complex taste of fruit and spice, followed by a welcoming bitterness on the palate.

We made ourselves right at home and relaxed in the tastefully decorated bar area and admired the lovely views.


A short while later our friendly guide took us on a very detailed tour of the distillery - we enjoyed every minute and absolutely loved learning all the interesting facts on Klipdrift's history and the process of distillery.


After the tour we headed to the lovely tasting room - already perfectly set up. We enjoyed a tasting of the regular 'klippies', Klipdrift Premium, Klipdrift Gold and Klipdrift Black Gold, paired with a variety of decadent fudges.

Our favourite was definitely the Klipdrift Premium and Cinnamon Fudge - a really vibrant combination.

There is also a savoury tasting option to enjoy as well.

The amazing tour and tasting lasted for approximately an hour, therafter we leisurely chatted to our guide for a little while longer - we were super impressed with his knowledge and the entire experience. We'd definitely recommend it to anyone visiting the area.

The distillery is also home to a restaurant and quaint shop where we stopped off to purchase a few Klipdrift goodies to enjoy later that evening.

A huge thank you to our guide and the incredible team at Klipdrift for this wonderful experience. We will be back again soon!