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Yamitsuki's New Sushi Donuts

With its 15 years' experience, Yamitsuki has become an institute for sushi lovers and the go-to restaurant for quality and innovation.



Being the oldest sushi bar in Africa is something that the staff at Yamitsuki are very proud to carry and honour with hard work and excellence.


Yamitsuki offers a stylish atmosphere with friendly staff providing customers with a great place to unwind, relax and to enjoy their dining experience.

Recently Yamitsuki have launched a tantalising Sushi Donut, inspired by worldwide trends to develop new and exciting sushi menu options.


'We feel ours is unique with its superior quality and carefully selected ingredients for taste and texture. Combined with our Chefs' experience makes it the best sushi donut in the world.'

It certainly does look incredibly intricate, with great attention to detail - a true artistic masterpiece, which I am sure tastes as spectacular as it looks.

I will definitely have to indulge in one (or two, or even three) of these delectable treats very soon!

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