The Hussar Grill (Rondebosch)

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Simply awesome

Steve & Anne

We both had the wilderbeest tonight and I can't remember eating a piece of meat as perfect as this. Great staff, Great restaurant.
Already booked to go back.

Great Steak


I had a 500g Rump Steak here last week. It was jolly tasty.

Great food and atmostphere

Ahmed Mohamed

What a great restaurant. Succulent food and good ambience. Please create a section for the smoking clients as well. It is a bit inconvenient to stand outside and smoke.

Worth it!


My first visit to the Hussar Grill Rondebosch didn't impress me much. Last night was a totally different experience. The waitress was friendly and helpful, and the food fantastic. They have the best chicken liver starter and their Warthog ribs are out of this world!! Glad we gave them a second chance:)

Great food


Really enjoy this restaurant, particularly when I feel like steaks or ribs. I picked up a take-away from them last week. Will be back.



You have to try the hog ribs. Personally I have never ordered anything else, but I am told the rest of the food is great too!

And the best thing is that these guys don't charge corkage!



Brilliant atmosphere. Every meal on the menu is worth checking out! ... be sure to check out the warthog ribs! :) ... Booking is definitely a must.

Hussar Rondebosch

Carey Wallace

YUMMMM. Try warthog ribs, chocolate chicken and of course...the steaks!
The only problem is parking - sometimes you have to walk a bit!

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